Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Health Habits Result in Health Costs Going Up or Down

Many of the risks we take day-to-day, such as smoking, overeating, being inactive, having a high blood pressure level, and etc., are associated with a much greater likelihood of future health conditions and increased health care costs. Certain behaviors can increase your health care costs significantly. Take action now to reduce your risks and give yourself the best chance for a longer and healthier life.

% Higher Health Costs Each Year

If you suffer from frequent bouts of depression 70%

If you have a high level of stress on a regular basis 46%

If you have a high blood sugar level 35%

If you are overweight 31%

If you regularly smoke cigarettes 20%

If you have high blood pressure 12%

If you don't exercise regularly 10%

All of these are true for you +225% increased cost

SOURCE: Goetzel RZ, Anderson DR, Whitmer RW, Ozminkowski RJ, Dunn RL, Wasserman J. (1998, October). The relationship between modifiable health risks and health care expenditures: An analysis of the multi-employer HERO health risk and cost database. Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine, 40(10):843-54.

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