Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hobo Chili

Submitted by Chris Thomas & Scott Lee

This "recipe" has a little story to go along with it. Jaime often complains that her adoring husband is a "gross boy" who will eat anything cold... including leftover chili. He claims it's a throw-back from his bachelor days. Knowing that typical chili, loaded with hamburger and cheese, although delicious, isn't the healthiest option; Chris created this simple alternative.

Because this one's from the "boys" we'll just leave it in their distinctive recipe-writing style. Enjoy!

Take some cooked ground turkey or chicken and put it in a bowl. Add some diced tomatoes and some sort of beans. Add some hot sauce - the one with the rooster on the label. Sir it and eat it.

Topped with a dollop of low-fat sour cream, this recipe is only about 250 calories.
Can be eaten hot or cold ;)

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  1. Even better if you cook the turkey, beans, etc all together and add some crushed garlic, little onion powder, some paprika and cumin. Use the 99% fat free all white ground turkey (Hyvee usually has it); use two lbs, one can beans and anything else like tomatoes, onions, spinach, etc that you want to add. Makes enough for 4-5 meals depending on portions. This recipe may not sound that appealing but trust me, this is a protein bonanza and really fills you up; also good amount of fiber and very few carbs (outside of the beans which are one of few carbs we suggest along w/ veggies and fruits). Thanks, Scott